FEEDBACK:"We were very happy with the assessment process from start to finish. We particularly appreciate the timely way in which you were able to gather together all the different elements; the initial interview, the observation and the various questionnaires. We thought you were professional yet approachable!"

ADHD Assessments

  • For a diagnosis of ADHD to be given, I will ensure that the criteria are met which are outlined in the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) 5.  There should be evidence of symptoms of inattention and / or hyperactivity / impulsivity that causes at least moderate psychological/ social / educational / impairment.  Evidence should be gathered through interview and / or direct observation. Symptoms should be pervasive and occur in 2 or more settings (home / school/ social / work). 
  • The diagnostic assessment will also include an assessment of the person’s needs, any coexisting conditions, social, familial and educational or work circumstances and physical health. 
  • In order to ensure the above standards are met I will require questionnaires to be completed by parents, the child / young person and their school or college.  The questionnaires will screen for ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and mental health difficulties.  I will also need to complete an in-depth clinical interview with parents and the child / young person either via videolink or in person.  I may also need to speak to school or college on the telephone or complete an observation (under 16’s only).  If the child is not attending school, for example they are electively home educated, I may require previous school reports, tutor reports or reports from other settings (activity leaders).   
  • I am also able to offer assessments for ADHD in adults.  It is helpful if school reports or information from someone who knew you well in childhood are available.

ASD Assessments

  • All ASD assessments are completed by two clinicians in order to ensure they meet the standards outlined in the National Institute for Health & Care Excellence.  
  • In advance of the assessment screening questionnaires are completed by parents, the child / young person and their school or college.  The questionnaires will screen for ASD, ADHD and mental health difficulties. 
  • The diagnostic assessment is competed in three parts.  The first uses an evidence based tool for developmental history (Autism Diagnostic Interview) with parent(s).  This is usually done online via video-link.  The second part is a play based assessment with the child / young person in person at my Reigate (Surrey) clinic using the ADOS (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule). Finally, we will meet for a feedback session (online or in person) to discuss the outcome of the assessment and recommendations. 


Dr Jo Steer & Associates

I have a special interest in assessing and working with people with neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD and ASD and their families.  I am particularly interested in girls and women with ADHD.

My clinic is in Reigate, Surrey.


Dr Jo Steer & Associates