Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Dr Jo Steer |

I have a special interest in assessing and working with children and young people with ADHD and their families.  I am particularly interested in girls with ADHD.


ADHD Assessments

  • I am able to offer screening for ADHD or a full diagnostic assessment.  Typically this involves questionnaires for home and school, clinical interview with parents, a school observation and a feedback appointment.

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

FEEDBACK:"We were very happy with the assessment process from start to finish. We particularly appreciate the timely way in which you were able to gather together all the different elements; the initial interview, the observation and the various questionnaires. We thought you were professional yet approachable!"

What is ADHD?

Three main areas of difficulty which are significantly greater than children of the same age or ability

1. Hyperactivity

2. Inattention / Distractibility

3. Impulsivity

It is important to understand a child's strengths and needs alongside any diagnosis.